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本文摘要:1.有这么多人都在坚守,我们有什么理由不去努力。With so many people sticking it out, why wouldnt we try.stick it/sth out 坚持到底;忍受下去 She didnt like the course but she stuck it out to get the certificate.她并不喜欢这门课,但为了拿证书还是耐着性子学完了。


1.有这么多人都在坚守,我们有什么理由不去努力。With so many people sticking it out, why wouldn't we try.stick it/sth out 坚持到底;忍受下去 She didn't like the course but she stuck it out to get the certificate.她并不喜欢这门课,但为了拿证书还是耐着性子学完了。2.全中国等你痊愈,我们相约春天鉴赏樱花!All over China is waiting for you to recover. We will meet you in spring to watch the cherry blossoms!3.少聚一顿餐,亲情不会断;聚一起用饭,给社会添乱。Having a meal together will not break the family relationship; eating together will add chaos to society.chaos [ˈkeɪɑːs] n.杂乱;杂乱;紊乱[U] economic/political/domestic chaos经济 / 政治 / 海内的杂乱Heavy snow has caused total chaos on the roads.大雪导致门路上交通一片杂乱。

The house was in chaos after the party.聚会后,屋子里一片散乱。The government's political and economic reforms threaten to plunge the country into chaos 政府的政治和经济革新可能会使国家陷入杂乱局势。Whatever troubles arise, we'll have peace of mind amidst seeming chaos. 无论泛起什么样的贫苦,我们都市在貌似杂乱的情形中保持平和的心态。

That's a sure recipe for destroying the economy and creating chaos那样做肯定会破坏经济、制造杂乱。4.致敬最美的逆行者!这就是医护事情者的继承!加油!Tribute to the most beautiful retrograde! This is the role of medical workers! Come on!tribute [ˈtrɪbjuːt] n.(尤指对死者的)致敬,颂词;悼念;致哀;怀念礼物;(良好效果或影响的)体现,显示;(尤指旧时一国向他国交纳的)贡品,贡金All rose and stood in silent tribute. 全体起立默哀。

《汉英大词典》 a tribute to sth/sb(良好效果或影响的)体现,显示 ;是对……的致敬;充实证明晰…… showing the good effects or influence of sth/sbHis recovery is a tribute to the doctors' skill.他的康复充实显示了列位医生高明的医术。His success has been a tribute to hard work, to professionalism 他的乐成充实体现了他的勤劳苦干和敬业精神。The song is a tribute to Roy Orbison 那首歌是对罗伊·奥比森的致敬。They called the event 'a tribute to heroes', which was a nice touch他们把这一运动称为“向英雄致敬”,这可是加分之举。

It is a tribute to Mr Chandler's skill that he has fashioned a fascinatingbook out of such unpromising material. 钱德勒先生竟然以如此不被看好的素材写出了一本引人入胜的书,这充实证明晰他的写作技巧。pay tribute to 对……(高度)赞扬;向……朝贡She digressed from her prepared speech to pay tribute to thePresident. 她脱离了讲话稿的主题,对总统给予了高度赞扬。He paid tribute to the organising committee 他赞扬了组委会。

《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》At her funeral her oldest friend paid tribute to her life and work.在葬礼上,她最早的朋侪对她的一生和事情给予了高度的赞扬。Many conquered nations had to pay tribute to the rulers of ancient Rome. 许多被征服的国家必须向古罗马的统治者朝贡。《汉英大词典》 a tribute to sb(尤指对死者的)致敬,颂词;悼念;致哀;怀念礼物 This book is a fitting tribute to the bravery of the pioneers.本书是对先驱们大无畏精神恰如其分的献礼。floral tributes (= gifts of flowers at a funeral) 葬礼献花 5. 隔离病毒但不隔离爱,因为爱是最好的桥梁。


Isolate viruses but not love, because love is the best bridge.isolate [ˈaɪsəleɪt] v.(使)隔离,伶仃,脱离;将…剔出(以便看清和单独处置惩罚);使(某物质、细胞等)分散;使离析They are finding themselves increasingly isolated within the teaching profession.他们发现自己在教育界越来越伶仃无助。isolate sb/yourself/sth (from sb/sth)(使)隔离,伶仃,脱离 When he was thinking out a problem Tweed's habit was never to isolate himself in his room 思考问题的时候,特威德从来没有把自己关在房间里的习惯。Patients with the disease should be isolated.这种病的患者应予以隔离。He was immediately isolated from the other prisoners.他被连忙与其他囚犯隔脱离来。

This decision will isolate the country from the rest of Europe.这一决议会使国家从欧洲其他地方中伶仃出来。This policy could isolate the country from the other permanent members of the United Nations Security Council...这一政策可能会使该国伶仃于团结国宁静理事会其他常任理事国之外。

isolate sth (from sth) 将…剔出(以便看清和单独处置惩罚) ; 使(某物质、细胞等)分散;使离析 ;隔离It is possible to isolate a number of factors that contributed to her downfall.可以找出造成她完蛋的一些因素。Researchers are still trying to isolate the gene that causes this abnormality.研究人员仍然在试图分散导致这种畸形的基因。

Researchers have isolated a new protein from the seeds of poppies.研究人员已经从罂粟种子里分散出一种新的卵白质。Patients will be isolated from other people for between three days and one month after treatment 治疗竣事后,病人将与其他人隔离3天到1个月的时间。《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》You don't have to isolate them from the community. 你没须要把他们与社区隔离。

《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》 6. 疫情无情人有情,相信春天总会到来!The epidemic is ruthless, and |believe thatspring will always come!epidemic [ˌepɪˈdemɪk] n.盛行病;(迅速的)泛滥,伸张adj.盛行性的;极为盛行的复数: epidemicsthe outbreak of a flu epidemic流感的发作an epidemic of measles麻疹的盛行an epidemic of crime in the inner cities市内中心区犯罪运动盛行A flu epidemic is sweeping through Moscow.一场流感正席卷莫斯科。an epidemic of serial killings...连环杀人现象的放肆The major impact of this epidemic worldwide is yet to come 这种感染病在世界规模内的重大影响还未完全显现。《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》Ten years ago today the US Center for Disease Control published the first faint warnings of a worldwide epidemic. 10年前的今天,美国疾病控制中心搪塞其事地发出了第一份警告:一场世界规模的盛行病可能会泛起。

《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》Health officials have successfully confined the epidemic to the Tabatinga area 卫生官员乐成地将疫情控制在塔巴廷加地域。They estimated that between 17,000 and 20,000 cows would die before the epidemic had run its course 他们预计在盛行病竣事之前会有17,000到20,000头牛死去。We are dealing with an epidemic the likes of which we have never seenin this century. 我们面临的疫情规模在本世纪尚属空前。《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》That kind of epidemic disease has long been stamped out. 那种感染病早已绝迹。


It is feared that a similar epidemic will soon reach the shores of Europe人们担忧类似的盛行病很快会传到欧洲。ruthless [ˈruːθləs] adj.残酷无情的;残忍的派生词: ruthlessly adv. ruthlessness n.a ruthless dictator残酷无情的独裁者Fascists is the most ruthless enemy of the people. 法西斯是人民最残酷无情的敌人。《汉英大词典》He is a ruthless adversary.他是个冷漠无情的对手。

We couples who have been separated hate the ruthless “ The MilkyWay ”. 我们这些牛郎织女都恨透了那条无情的“天河”。《汉英大词典》 The way she behaved towards him was utterly ruthless.她看待他真是无情至极。He has a ruthless determination to succeed.他有不获乐成决不罢休的坚定刻意。

The Party has ruthlessly crushed any sign of organised opposition.该党派无情地破坏了任何有组织的反抗的苗头。a ruthlessly efficient woman.雷厉流行的女人be ruthless in 对……绝不留情;对……很是坚决;为……不择手段The President was ruthless in dealing with any hint of internal political dissent. 在处置惩罚任何内部政治分歧的苗头时,总统都绝不留情。

Her lawyers have been ruthless in thrashing out a divorce settlement她的状师在讨论仳离协议的历程中体现得很是坚决。The dictator was ruthless in getting what he wanted. 谁人独裁者为达目的不择手段,残酷无情。